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Custom Planning Deposit

Custom Planning Deposit

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༺ The custom design planning process is extensive, detailed, and often lengthy. We will go through multiple rounds of designing and refining, increasing and narrowing the selection based on continuous feedback until the concept is perfect for you.

༺ $50 deposit: best suited for small scale pieces such as earrings and necklaces, or for the client who wants a less involved hand in the custom design process. You will still receive multiple designs to choose from throughout the process, but you will not receive a mood board or materials sheet. That said, you may still receive individual pictures of materials to choose from depending on the details of your request.

༺ $100 deposit: best suited for large scale pieces such as bralettes and body jewelry, or for the client who wants more involvement in determining finer details such as bead shapes and chain types. You will receive a mood board and materials sheet with multiple material options to choose from.

༺ This is a nonrefundable deposit to cover the time and energy that I will put into planning your custom piece and confirm that you’re committed to the process.

༺ This listing should not be purchased without having submitted an official request via the custom requests form found through the bespoke requests page and having had your custom request approved. If you purchase this listing prior to what was previously mentioned, you may be refunded and asked to start the process in the correct order.

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