Bespoke Jewelry Pieces

SoulSocietyJewelry is currently accepting a limited amount of custom orders.

As custom order planning is a very thorough and often lengthy process, custom orders begin with a nonrefundable $50 or $100 planning deposit:

$100 is better suited to larger scale pieces, or clients who are looking to be very involved in selecting materials. This option includes a moodboard and a sheet of materials options.

$50 is better suited to very small scale pieces, or clients who are looking to leave most of the minute details up to me. This option does not include a moodboard or materials options sheet. I will still run materials options by you, although it will be less expansive than a full materials sheet.

Project planning for your custom order will begin immediately after your deposit is submitted, including multiple rounds of designing and refining during a roughly 2-6 week planning phase, followed by a 2-6 month wait time for me to finish your custom pieces. Timeframes are subject to change based on current order volume and scale of custom request.

Payment is calculated upon finalization of the design concept. Once you submit your custom order, any necessary materials will be purchased and you will be officially added to the queue. All payment is processed through the SoulSocietyJewelry website, where you can either pay in full or use a ShopPay payment plan.

Please note that I pride myself on my designs being one of one, and will never recreate a design piece for piece. However, please feel free to reference past pieces I’ve made that you’d like me to keep in mind as inspiration.

SoulSocietyJewelry reserves the right to turn down any request that is either outside of the reasonable scope of ability, any requests for animal based materials, or any requests to copy an existing design of any kind.

NEW: clients interested in custom ordering a jewelry piece made to match any existing piece will enjoy a waived planning deposit fee.
*applies only to small scale pieces like earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc.*

Follow the link below to find the custom order request form and begin the bespoke jewelry process. Included on the request form is a link to the custom order price guidelines. Please be sure to fully review the price guidelines along with any relevant information on this page, and please do not fill out the following form unless you have every intention of following all the way through with a custom order.

With love, Victoria <3

bespoke request form