Discounts and Sales Policy

Does Soul Society Jewelry offer sales?

Yes and no, depending on the offering. Due to the painstakingly handmade nature of our designs, site-wide jewelry sales are not conducive to our beliefs, and with the exception of special cases, discount codes for handmade pieces are not accepted. Our prices are carefully calculated according to cost of materials, related business expenses, labor, quality of work, and cost of living, so to offer sales would either mean we would be cutting into the costs that keep the business sustainable, or we would have to mark up our items so as to not cut into costs. 
That said, sales are occasionally offered for jewelry making tutorials and kits. Due to the secondhand nature of the supplies sold through Soul Society Jewelry, further price markdowns/sales are not typical (although personalized discount codes are not totally out of the question).

Why is this jewelry item discounted?

Jewelry items sold on Soul Society Jewelry must meet rigorous standards for sale, but due to the handmade nature of items, some pieces may be marked down if there are imperfections that mark the aesthetics of the piece while otherwise being perfectly wearable.
Other reasons for discounted items may include the skill of technique, as older pieces made with less technical skill while being perfectly suitable for wear will be marked down with an appropriate discount compared to what we would normally sell at full price, as well as if the piece has been previously worn for photoshoots. 
Always check the description of a discounted item for a full explanation for the discount.