Commitment to Sustainability

Soul Society Jewelry is proud to be a slow made small brand with a sustainable mindset. Below, we’ve listed the tenants of our contribution to sustainability:

Individually owned & operated

Soul Society Jewelry is a one woman run operation that is designed to provide a livable wage while supporting regular business functions in addition to allowing for the continued growth and improvement of the company.

Slow made pieces made to last

Contrary to popular shopping marketplaces like Shein and Temu, Soul Society Jewelry makes high quality jewelry pieces meant to be treasured across a lifetime, directly opposing the “buy it/wear it once/trash it/buy more” shopping cycle which is antithetical to sustainable shopping practices.

Vegan practices
Harvesting of animal products is a large contributor to both climate and habitat destruction, which is why Soul Society Jewelry is a 100% vegan operation, eliminating use of animal based products like pearls, abalone, leather, bones, and shell.

Avoiding materials waste
Soul Society Jewelry avoids materials waste in many forms: Creating one of a kind and bespoke jewelry limits excess production, while leftover materials are either reused in various projects, listed for resale at a discounted price, or donated to creative thrift organizations as opposed to being forgotten and thrown in the trash.

Limiting natural gemstone use
Natural gemstone mining is a heavily labor intensive and environmentally destructive practice that often comes rife with human rights violations, which is why we limit use of natural gemstones, favoring glass based materials and lab created gemstones.

Eco friendly packaging
Our packaging is made of recycled content wherever possible, with curbside recyclable boxes and honeycomb wrap, and plastic film recyclable mailers.

Carbon neutral shipping
Soul Society Jewelry offsets 100% of the carbon emissions for every shipment, and generates funding for cutting-edge technologies dedicated to neutralizing carbon emissions 

Plastic waste management and reuse
Plastic waste generated via materials orders is recycled according to plastic and plastic film recycling instructions. Plastic bags and containers are reused for various purposes.

Awareness of environmental impact and need to improve
Soul Society Jewelry is aware that the need for growth is never ending, and despite all our environmentally conscious practices, we remain conscious of our imperfections and the environmental impact of the choices that we make. 

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