About the Artist

Behind Soul Society Jewelry is me, Victoria (but you can call me Tori!) - an independent artist specializing in bespoke fantasy jewelry pieces.

I’ve been a creative all my life, but found myself in jewelry making after 2020. I got started with wire wrapping crystals, then began experimenting with beaded jewelry, and over the next year tried getting my hands into as many different jewelry making techniques as possible. Over time, all my favorite techniques and elements coalesced into a single concept that forever changed the trajectory of my business - the fairy choker.

Realizing I really had something with the fairy choker concept was like igniting a tiny flame in my mind, and from there it was a rapid succession to the point where I found myself being swallowed whole by the passion and drive to create. Every new piece is an exploration, and every completed vision feels like an act of pure, shameless self love.

Making jewelry was an unexpected turn in my life that day in and day out teaches me something new about myself, and ultimately has served to lift me out of the pain and misery of my former life experiences into a life I could never have even dreamed of. I’ve poured my whole soul into bringing my visions to life, and along the way have discovered the healing and ultimately transformative power that comes with creating. My whole life has been spent cultivating my creative vision, and my goal as a designer is to continue to one up myself again and again and again, in an effort to touch the limits of what the human mind can conceive while shining a light to those looking in on the magic that I believe can be easily found in our everyday lives.

Tiktok and Instagram: @SoulSocietyJewelry

Email: soulsocietyjewelry@gmail.com