Who/What is Soul Society Jewelry?
SoulSocietyJewelry is a one woman owned luxe fantasy jewelry brand, slowly, sustainably, and lovingly made in Maryland, u.s.a. for the whimsical at heart. In addition to providing high quality, handcrafted adornments, the Soul Society is also a home for those looking for guidance in their own small business/independent artistry practice.
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Do you rent your jewelry out?
Certain pieces are available for rent for the purpose of creative collaboration. See more here

Do you offer customs?
Although we like to keep our shop stocked with small pieces when we can, SoulSocietyJewelry’s main purpose is to serve as a bespoke jeweler for those in search of custom design fantasy pieces for weddings, photoshoots, and other special occasions. Find out more about the bespoke jewelry process here

How much do bespoke jewelry pieces cost?
Bespoke jewelry pieces can range from as little as $100 to as much as $3000 or beyond depending on desired materials, complexity, and scale of design.

What is your bespoke jewelry production time?
Production time varies per each custom request, but one can generally expect 2-4 months for smaller pieces, 3-6 months for medium size pieces, and 4-8 months for large pieces. These times are subject to change based on current order volume.

Can I have my bespoke jewelry order expedited?
There is a 20% rush production fee to have your order production time expedited.

I have [X item] that I want to be used in a custom jewelry piece by you, can you do that?
Most likely yes! Inquire through the bespoke jewelry form and include in the notes the full details of your request.

When will [X item] be restocked?
SoulSocietyJewelry is proud of the one of a kind nature of each design, and as such, all pieces are one of one and will not be restocked once sold out. See the bespoke jewelry page if you’re interested in getting your own custom jewelry based off a previously sold out piece.

How often are new pieces added to the shop?
Currently, there is no set time frame for shop updates. Turn on instagram post notifications or subscribe to receive emails from us to be notified when new pieces are added to the shop.

What’s up with the prices?
See our guide to understanding our prices here.

Do you offer payment plans?
SoulSocietyJewelry offers ShopPay for both ready to ship and bespoke items, and custom payment plans for bespoke items.

What happens if something I order from you breaks?
While SoulSocietyJewelry is extremely confident in the quality of our creations, we understand that there is an inherently delicate quality to jewelry and accidents out of our control may occur. If you experience any issues with breakage or damage of one of your SoulSocietyJewelry pieces, please don’t hesitate to reach out for repairs.

Issues due to natural tarnish, improper care and storage, and intentional destruction are excluded from the lifetime repair warranty.

What happens if something I order from you doesn’t fit me?
SoulSocietyJewelry highly recommends measuring yourself before purchasing to be sure that what you’re ordering is the correct size, and in addition we offer complimentary bespoke sizing for all ready to ship jewelry items - however, we understand that mistakes are made, and are happy to resize any item purchased from our shop. Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs.

Are the gemstones/crystals/metal real?
We use a wide range of materials in all of our pieces, and are open to using both natural and synthetic gemstones, as well as any metal from plated base metals to solid karat gold. All materials are thoroughly detailed in each item description, and you can take a look at our guide to jewelry metals as well as our guide to beads to understand what materials we use at SoulSocietyJewelry.

Where do you buy your materials?
While we aren’t totally comfortable sharing all of our materials sources, you can check out our guide to searching for materials which should help you be able to find what you need.

Does your jewelry tarnish?
Jewelry tarnish is based on multiple factors including metal type, any potential coating, the environment the jewelry is worn and stored in, exposure to chemicals, water, or salt, and more - see our guide to jewelry metals to better understand which metals fit your desires the best.

How do I care for my jewelry?
See our jewelry care guide in conjunction with our jewelry metals guide to understand both the qualities of the metal in your jewelry as well as how to care for it.

How long will it take for my order to ship? (ready-to-ship items)
Processing time varies based on current order volume, see header for updated info.

How long will it take for my order to ship? (bespoke items)
See above question “bespoke jewelry production times”.

How much is US shipping?
US shipping is free for all orders, both ready to ship and bespoke items.

How much is shipping to [X country]?
International shipping varies by location but starts around $15.

What shipping service do you use and how long are shipping time frames?
SoulSocietyJewelry ships out packages via USPS and UPS, and shipping time frame varies based on location and selected shipping service.

The tracking info shoes my package went to [x location] and hasn’t moved. Where is it?
Once items have shipped they are no longer in our control, and SoulSocietyJewelry ships out too many packages on a regular basis to be constantly monitoring the location of each one. Contact the appropriate mail service for assistance once the package has entered the postal system.

I changed my mind, can I cancel/return/exchange my order?
SoulSocietyJewelry does not accept order cancellations, returns, or exchanges.

How do I get into contact with you?
Social media DM’s are easily lost to our inbox, so shoot us an email for a faster/more guaranteed response: soulsocietyjewelry@gmail.com

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