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Bridal Jewelry Planning Deposit

Bridal Jewelry Planning Deposit

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༺ The bridal planning deposit package includes:

✧ a moodboard made to reflect your tastes, preferences, and vision for your custom jewelry

✧ an inspiration reference sheet to make sure that your designs reference any important aspects that you’d like to be considered

✧ one or multiple material options sheets to allow you to tailor the details of your custom jewelry to perfectly fit your vision

✧ as many adjustments and design changes as needed to make sure the final designs are totally and utterly perfect for you

✧ designs for a complete jewelry suite for a bride — necklace, earrings, and bracelet, in addition to any desired extras such as hair pieces or crowns, waist chains or other body jewelry — as well as designs for coordinating pieces for your bridesmaids, such as earrings, bracelets, or both.


༺ The custom design planning process is extensive, detailed, and often lengthy. We will go through multiple rounds of designing and refining, increasing and narrowing the selection based on continuous feedback until the concept is perfect for you.

༺ This is a nonrefundable deposit to cover the time and energy that I will put into planning your custom piece and confirm that you’re committed to the process.

This listing should not be purchased without having submitted an official request via the custom requests form found through the bespoke requests page and having had your custom request approved. If you purchase this listing prior to what was previously mentioned, you may be refunded as I cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to carry out your request without having reviewed the details beforehand.

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